Johnny J. Fubar


Shemya, Alaska: I spent 1961 on Shemya, and that's where I got the name Johnny J. Fubar. Someday I will tell you how.

Since then I have spent my time ping-ponging between Telecommunications and the Internet, watching and helping them move toward each other, until they collided and become the same thing.  Then I retired.

Since I helped make the Internet, I decided to learn how to use it.

In mid-October 2011 I purchased the domain.  I had no idea why then, and I still don't know.  But I do enjoy learning how the Internet really works!

I began by building a static web site as a vehicle to learn the basics.  Now I moving to a dynamic site using Joomla.


My art is words and I use too many, too loud, and too often. And I love to tell stories. But my poems are mercifully short.


Life, the universe, and everything.  This section is going to have two parts: Religion and Signpost.  Religion will be public.  Signpost will be private for now.  In the future, parts of Signpost may be made public.

About me