Johnny J Fubar

Pan Intentionalism

I call my view Pan Intentionalism (all intentions): what exists in this moment is the result of all the intentions of all sentient beings that have existed from the beginning of time until this moment. What the next moment brings will come out of what exists in this moment acted on by the intentions of all sentient beings that exist in this moment.

Because the next moment is influenced by our intentions, we have a responsibility for what comes next. Because the next moment is influenced by the intentions of others, we do not control what happens. We can only measure our lives by our intentions, not the outcomes.

I believe there is a state of mind that affects matter. As sentient beings, we created our universe. As we evolved, so our universe evolved. The way things are is the way we intend it to be.

We are defined by our relationships, by our connections. We are moving to a new level, a level where connection goes deeper than ever before. In this connection we will mutually, consciously, and ethically define ourselves and the universe. We are what we are in relationships.

We move by our intentions, by our will to act. Our intentions will be made conscious; our actions will be made with love and compassion.

Once we valued the spiritual path over the material. Then we switched. Now we are switching back. I believe we are headed for balance rather than a return to ignoring one path.

I call the ground of being Madelyn. Madelyn is simply my answer to the question "Why is there something rather than nothing?"

I believe the ground of being is a personal, active, and creative force in our lives. I say Madelyn because I think we are in a time when female energy is on the ascendant. Each energy expresses as a different kind of power: female power is "power with", male power is "power over".

Female speaks of relationship, care, and responsibility; male speaks of autonomy, justice, and rights. Female is matrix; male is hierarchy. Female is relationship; male is autonomy. Female follows connections; male follows rules. Female nourishes; male protects. Female accepts us as we are; male encourages us to grow.

All of us, men and women, have both energies within. And both are necessary.

From about 25,000 years ago until about 2500 years ago, female energy ruled. For the last 2500 years male energy has ruled. Today, we are seeing a shift back to the female. I believe we are headed for balance rather than a return to one side dominance.

We are a process, we have expectations. We have positive expectations, they are called desires. We have negative expectations, they are called fears. Desires met bring happiness, fears respected prevent harm. When we cling to our expectations we suffer.

Trust Madelyn, she loves you
Trust Yourself, you are her butterfly

She gave us creativity, conscience, and consciousness
She put us into a universe of community, diversity, and impermanence
She gave us the tools of love, trust, and understanding
She wants us to let go, forgive, and celebrate

Three Axioms

Axiom of Truth: We don't know
Axiom of Good: Do unto others
Axiom of Evil: I'm right, you're dead

Find balance

Let go, and find something new; hang on, and create something new

Let go

Let go of interpretations
Let go of expectations
Let go of certainty

Hang on

Hang on to compassion
Hang on to kindness
Hang on to joy

Take care of yourself